First Cria of the Year

by Janet Ireland May 17, 2018

First Cria of the Year

On Saturday 12 May, our first cria of 2018 was born. Errai, the Dam (Mum) was restless in the morning and wandered off to be on her own in the paddock. She had gone past her due date which we calculate at 345 days from mating and was on day 349. So, with her behaviour it seemed very likely she was in the first stages of labour. At around 11.30 Errai gave birth to a beautiful brown female. All was good with Mum and Baby and the little one was quite lively. She was sitting (cushed) and then trying to stand within the hour and then had her very important first drink (colostrum) after a couple of hours. Mum is very protective of her and is keeping a very close eye on her. We have named her Brunella, which is a French name and means brown haired and it seems to suit her. She is putting on weight, we weigh her each evening and is very curious as she skips about in the paddock and is running around particularly in the evening. She needs a playmate now.  We have 3 more cria due this year, one of which was due the same day as Brunella, 8 May and is currently on day 354, so, hopefully not long to wait now......

Janet Ireland
Janet Ireland


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