Alpaca Socks

We are No Longer Selling Alpaca Socks

Since 2008, we have enjoyed attending all sorts of events selling our luxury alpaca socks.  Sometimes, we took a few alpacas along with us for visitors to meet and see the lovely animals that the fleece comes from.  Also, during this time our socks have been available 24/7 online.

We have now decided, and it was a long and quite sad decision, but, the time has come for our socks to move on.

Alpacas have to be sheared annually and it is a welfare issue if they are not shorn as during our very hot days they can overheat. The annual harvest of this fibre is suitable for all types of products depending on the quality.  We have found the strength of alpaca fibre together with the softness has been a great combination for our socks.  We have built a large collection of alpaca socks in a choice of styles in fantastic colours of which we are very proud.

You Can Now Buy Our Socks from Perilla  

At events, we have got to know some lovely people through purchasing our socks and online we have many returning customers who have supported us and followed our brand.  With these people in mind, and also for those that are looking for great quality alpaca socks, our socks are still available with our friends at who also have a choice of other gifts and most importantly excellent customer service.

Thank you 

To all of our loyal customers over the years we thank you very much for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy alpaca socks in your lives and please check out what Perilla can offer you.

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