About our Socks

If you have not tried alpaca socks before, you are in for a real treat. The beauty of alpaca fibre is that it combines softness with strength. This makes it ideal for socks as makes them soft and comfy but extremely hardwearing too. 


What makes the fibre so great for socks?

It is second only to silk for strength, as luxurious and soft as cashmere yet more durable than both.

It is hollow which makes it incredibly lightweight and it keeps you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

It is smoother than wool which means it has a low prickle factor and will not give you an ‘itchy’ wool feeling.

Alpaca has no lanolin which gives it great hypoallergenic qualities and makes it ideal for sensitive skins.

It is a natural antibacterial fibre which means that you can wear a pair of socks for weeks (if you want to) and they will not smell!

We are very proud of our large alpaca sock collection and constantly stock new colours and styles. With our range, there is something for everyone whether you are in welly boots all day or relaxing at home. We currently offer the only three coloured stripy alpaca socks available in the UK in two fantastic colourways.

Our aim is for as many people as possible to learn about this gorgeous fibre through their feet by wearing our socks!

All of our socks are made in UK.

Go on, treat your feet today!