Alpaca Management and Handling

Handling your alpacas is much easier for you and better for the alpacas if you have a good farm set up.

Here at Titus Alpacas, we have purpose built handling pens and our paddocks have been designed for ease of movement and handling.

Our handling is gentle and respectful to ensure that mutual trust is built up with our alpacas.

If you purchase alpacas from us, we ensure that you learn how to handle them, if you are a new owner, so that you are confident with them. We also provide a yearly planner so that you are aware of what husbandry requirements are needed to keep your alpacas healthy.

The above is all free to our clients, however, we are happy to help those who already have alpacas but need assistance for a small charge.

We will show you how to herd your alpacas into a handling pen using a herding tape and wands.

Once in the pen, we will show you how to catch and hold your alpacas.

We will teach you basic husbandry tasks, trimming toenails, how to bodyscore (this is very important as weight loss can be the first sign of illness).

 As a prey animal, alpacas do not show that they are unwell so we bodyscore them each month and keep results. It is important to get to know your alpacas to understand their behaviour as this is also how we can find out if they are unwell.


We will also show you how to fit a halter correctly which is extremely important as the lower part of their nose is soft and if the halter slips down, as they do not like to breathe through their mouth they feel that they are unable to breathe. We will show you how to halter train your alpacas.

Therefore, before you purchase from us you will know how to look after your alpacas and how to handle them. It doesn’t end there though, as our back up is 24/7 and ongoing. It is very important to us that our alpacas go to homes that care about them as much as we do.